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Your Placement Status at a Glance

Your Next Steps


thank you for completing your profile. If you still need some inspiration, take another look through our TripFinder. If you are already sure what exactly you want to do abroad, these are the next steps

  1. Select a suitable program or place an individual search request:
    Book your suitable program under "My travels". Here you simply select your type of travel, area, country, and city, and you are ready to go. Especially for internships abroad, we almost always offer a special search assignment, i.e. our team on-site will find you the right internship according to your wishes. You can find more information under the application procedure.

  2. Arrange a Consultation:
    Let our travel expert advise you and arrange a telephone appointment. If you have already clarified all questions regarding the registration, the next step is the registration fee.

  3. Registration Fee:
    Pay the registration fee of 290 Euro via PayPal or simple bank transfer and you can start.

  4. Application Portfolio Check:
    Use our samples to create your ideal application folder and then upload it to your profile as a PDF.

  5. Forwarding to Our Team Abroad:
    When everything is complete, we will forward your travel requests and documents to our teams abroad. The team abroad accepts your application and the placement process starts!

However, if your application is rejected, we will refund your registration fee without exception! This can happen, for example, if your internship area is not possible in your desired country or if your start date for your chosen program cannot be implemented. You can find many answers to the individual programs in our terms and conditions and in the FAQs.

You can also talk to our travel experts at any time. Simply choose an appointment at our hub spot and we will call you back at the time you requested. You are also welcome to call us at +49 (0)30 20 23 84 11.

Best regards,
Katharina Bauer

Head of Customer-Service
Phone 0049-30-20238411-3 (Extension)